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You need a master craftsman to bring your remodeling vision to reality. Aaron & Co will help you create the kitchen you want from concept to completion. 

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The heart of the home is the kitchen. This is where family and friends gather to cook, eat and interact.

Our design team can transform your kitchen into a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing space or complete a full-scale remodel.

Kitchen remodels are one of the most complex and detail-intensive projects homeowners undertake. Aaron & Co. will provide support and guidance through each phase to minimize stress and deliver quality results.

How are you different from other kitchen remodelers in Charlottesville?

Our promptness and level of communication sets us apart from other Charlottesville kitchen remodeling contractors. Many of our new or prospective clients come to us frustrated with other contractors they’ve contacted. Other kitchen remodelers don’t call back, and if they do, there’s no follow through and very often, the job never gets done.

We won’t leave you hanging. We keep in touch with our clients throughout the entire kitchen remodeling project. You’ll be kept up to date and apprised of changes, upcoming schedules, build outs, costs, and other factors that play into the project as a whole.

As a custom carpentry company, we have more specialized in-house capabilities than other remodelers. We are able to offer unique projects that, when done by typical contractors, often get pushed to other businesses. We pride ourselves on our finishes, attention to detail, and the final look of the project. By doing all of our own trim and custom cabinetry in-house, we’re able to keep our standards extremely high.

What do you like about doing kitchen remodeling in Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is a very unique area, with lots of rich history, academia, and an artistic influence. The city attracts various art forms and many of our clients like to express that unique, eclectic vibe with their homes.

As carpenters at heart, we love projects that exercise our creative skills. Unlike many other contractors, we thrive on unique and interesting projects, customized to our clients’ needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with open-minded clientele, and Charlottesville is a great place to do so, allowing us to spread our wings when carrying out a project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Remodeling

In what order do you remodel a kitchen?

The first step in a kitchen remodel is the demolition. Much like constructing a house, this step allows us to frame out new walls, change or update things like electric and plumbing, fix beams, or move walls, etc.

At this time, we can also install a thermal barrier or soundproofing on any exterior walls between the kitchen and adjacent spaces. After the demolition process, we can also install HVAC ducts, move lighting fixtures and switches, repair drywall and make any finishing touches; such as painting, trim, countertops, fixtures, or final lighting.

Is remodeling a kitchen a good investment?

A kitchen remodel is by far the best return on investment you’re going get on your house. It’s a great undertaking, not just for resale value, but also for use value. The kitchen is one of the places you spend a significant portion of your time in the home, for both entertainment and socialization. With the right elements and the right process, a kitchen remodel is always a dollars well spent project.

How long should it take to remodel a kitchen?

While kitchens come in a variety of sizes, the timeframe for a kitchen remodel depends on the finishes being used. The length of the project hinges on things like; what type of special order items that will be involved, problems that may arise during demolition, walls that need to be moved around or changed, or weights that are added or changed that might affect the structure of the house.

With all those factors included, a typical kitchen remodel takes approximately 60 days. Since that’s a long time to be without a fully operational kitchen, we will make accommodations allowing you to still be able to prepare food and continue to live your life during the process.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The two most expensive elements of a kitchen remodel are the cabinets and appliances. While some budgets allow for both custom cabinets and high-end appliances, certain people prefer to place their money in one or the other. Depending on what is most important to you, there are ways to compromise; getting fully custom cabinets and lesser quality appliances or semi-custom cabinets to allow for expensive appliances.

Which kitchen layout is the most functional?

Kitchen layout really depends on the configuration of your house and how restricted your space is. With kitchens, the more horizontal lines the better, but even in tight spaces, it’s all about configuration.

It’s best to have counter space surrounding your cooktop, your dishwasher near the sink, space to allow for a waste bin, and ample overhead storage, etc. Ultimately, arrange your kitchen how it will work best for you.

Since remodeling your kitchen is a very specific and important project, we’ll sit down with you, talk through the process, and look at the space to formulate a plan.

Do you put flooring under kitchen cabinets?

If you’re replacing kitchen cabinets, we recommend always putting flooring beneath it. Someone in the future, whether it’s you or someone else, will want to replace those cabinets and adding a few boards or tile now will spare you the headache. While it’s not a hard and fast rule, adding hardwood underneath will ensure that your cabinets & countertops are standard height, and you don’t have an extra inch of space.

How can I redo my kitchen countertops?

The first step is to give us a call and we will come out and assess your current countertops. We’ll take a look at what appliances are involved, the configuration of the countertops, and what we need to do to protect the cabinets and cabinet structure.

After the initial assessment, we will put you in contact with the countertop folks that we use and set up a consultation. They will walk you through all of the options and installation process, as well as the finer points of designing your countertops. If needed, we’re happy to join in that meeting and provide assistance.

When it comes to the actual installation, we make sure that the cabinets will be able to support the new counter. For example, if you’re going from a laminate counter (weighing a half pound per square foot) to soapstone (weighing 25 pounds per square foot), we need to look at the structure of your cabinets and floor system to make sure it can support it.

Homes are constructed with varying degrees of quality, and while everything could be well-constructed, it simply may not anticipate the amount of load in that particular area. It’s very important that you don’t end up adversely affecting other portions of your house by adding that significant concentrated weight into a certain area.

On installation day, we’ll be there on site to observe and make sure that everything is prepared. If any contingencies arise, we can address them right there. Due to the size of the counter and nature of the project, we don’t want to have to bring it in and take it back out, if we can address the issue right there and move on.