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You need a master craftsman to bring your vision to reality. Aaron & Co will help you create the custom home you want from concept to completion.

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Looking to create your own custom home in Charlottesville? Aaron & Co is the master craftsman you need to bring your vision to reality. By combining quality craftsmanship with service that you’ll love, we provide you with an excellent contracting experience. Let us help you take you concept to completion!

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Home Builders in Charlottesville

How long does it take to build a custom home?
The timeline for building a custom home can vary greatly depending on factors like size, design, and finish selections. Typically, a custom home build will fall within a range of four months to a year.
Do you use energy efficient home building techniques?

Yes, we do. Energy efficiency is at the top of everyone’s list these days because people are more environmentally conscious and because of the cost of energy. Environmentally, we incorporate a number of components in our homes such as energy-efficient windows and doors and spray foam insulation.

One of the best ways to improve the overall efficiency of your home is by making sure that your basement or crawl space and your attic are conditioned and properly insulated. The additional costs of these services can easily be recovered in the first 2-3 years through energy savings.

What is the price of the homes you build?
We prefer to review this with you once we have a general design and understanding of the home you want to build. There are many elements that affect pricing, including: the size of the home, the design, custom features, energy-efficiency components, exterior finishes, and logistical considerations surrounding the lot location.
Once you know the scope of the project, how do you establish pricing?

We have a very clear understanding of what it takes for us to remain viable, and that each client has a budget that we need to work with.

Our pricing does not begin by simply calculating square footage. We build homes that are uniquely and specifically tailored to you. Thus, our pricing must also be specifically tailored to each project.

As a result, the price per square foot comes into play after all calculations (materials, subcontractors, architect drawings, etc) have been made. Square footage pricing lacks the guidance you should expect from your contractor and simply does not give you the level of detail necessary to make informed decisions.

What factors should I consider when selecting land to build on?

First, which is more important: location and land features, or the design of your home? If the land is the driving force in your decision-making, the home must be designed to work with the land you select. Conversely, if you are set on a specific home design, serious consideration must be given to selecting the right lot to build on.

In terms of establishing a budget for you new home, some key factors that can affect cost include geographical location and general access, specific access from the right-of-way to the build site (including distance, slope/grade, condition of access road, etc.), soil/site conditions (is there a lot of rock or unstable areas the will require additional work?), slope of the building site and whether utilities are close by.

How do I get financing to build a custom home?
We recommend that you contact your bank or financial institution. We don’t offer in-house financing and will work directly with your bank or financial institution.
How does a construction loan work?

We can provide all the documentation and information you need to coordinate with a lending institution. Once you have a pre-approval letter we can move forward and begin construction.

We will request a downpayment in order to get started, but after the initial deposit we will work directly with your bank or lending institution to obtain future payment draws as we hit certain benchmarks on the project.

Do I need homeowners insurance when building a home?

We would refer you to your preferred insurance or financial services advisor to answer that question. At a minimum, we would recommend that you have a builder’s risk policy in place.

During construction, this policy protects materials and other things on the job site that may get damaged or stolen during the construction process. It is an inexpensive and temporary insurance policy.

Is it okay to visit my home while it's under construction?

Yes, you can visit your home while it’s under construction. You’re welcome to visit out of your own volition and we will also have periodic meetings on-site to review construction together.

As a disclaimer, remember that your home will be under construction and will therefore be an active job site so make sure to be careful and take the necessary safety precautions.

I want to build a home. Where do I start?

If you already have a design, we can move forward on the process more quickly. If you do not have a design, we will bring in an architect and begin design meetings.

Once we have about 80-90% approval on the design and while the architect is working on final drawings, we can move into the estimation process.
Estimation can be a lengthy process because there are so many elements and considerations that need to be made.

(Note: Estimating takes a long time and financing approval takes a long time. So if you’re feeling like you are ready to build a home now then we need to get the process started because it could take about a month.)

Once we have a final design approved and a budget approved, we can move into the contract phase.

What size custom homes does Aaron & Co. build?

Whether you are an individual, a couple, or a family with kids, our custom home builders in Charlottesville can help you build the size home that meets all of your needs. From an 800 SF mountain retreat to 5000+ SF mega homes, Aaron has accumulated over 2 decades of skill and knowledge helping clients realize their dreams. A fully licensed and insured Class A Builder, Aaron & Co. has the capability and resources to build the right size house for you.

What is value engineering, and why is it important?

Value engineering is a way of helping clients align their homebuilding goals with their budget in a way that doesn’t compromise either. It is a term you will hear us use frequently during design and estimation. When budget challenges emerge, we look at recovering those budget dollars by refining multiple areas of the project in small ways, rather than drastically reducing or eliminating a single important piece.

That said, we strive to head off many of these challenges early on in the design phase, by working as a team with our designers, engineers, architects and, of course, you, our client.

What areas do you build in?
We serve Charlottesville and typically about a 15 mile radius around the city; however, if your project falls outside that radius we’d still love to have a conversation and determine if we can help.
Do I need to hire an architect?

We are happy to work with your architect if you’ve already established a working relationship with them. If not, we invite you to join our network of architects, engineers, designers, and subcontractors that are ready to serve you.

Who will be the main point of contact during construction?
With custom home builds, Aaron Moody will be your main point of contact. Aaron is committed to making himself available to clients, and our team places considerable emphasis on effective communication by being available and responsive, from design through completion.

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